Shigeru Kawai SK-5 6'7" Chamber Grand Piano

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Shigeru Kawai SK-5 6'7" Chamber Grand Piano

This 6'7" SK-5L Chamber Grand Piano has the statuesque presence and resonant power to grace a recital hall, yet not overpower the more intimate musical ambiance of your home or studio. The versatility is enhanced by a wonderfully responsive touch that will satisfy the artistic needs of any player, from the diligent learner to the demanding professional.

For optimum tone, touch and beauty in any setting, the SK-5L is the ideal choice which offers a gratifying mélange of power and presence that will grace a range of professional venues from studios to intimate recital spaces.

The SK-5L Shigeru Kawai Chamber Grand offers the performer exceptional quality sound projection and tonal quality across a larger area in the home, studio, recital hall or other performance space. Built to be played hard and often, its ABS-Carbon parts provide the practicality of longer, reliable service.

Length: 6'7" (200cm)

Width: 5'1" (153cm)
Height: 3'4" (103cm)
Weight: 774 lbs. (351kg)
Finishes: Polished Ebony

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Touch - The power of pianissimo
Tone - Tradition lays the foundation
Strength - Designed with tremendous strength
Character - Captivates when seen and heard.
Finish - Excellence and beauty
Specifications - Shigeru Kawai SK-5L Chamber Grand Piano
Warranty - Ten year fully transferable warranty

Shigeru Kawai’s tradition of piano tone empowers it with life, breadth, and depth that lasts from generation to generation.

Listen to Shigeru Kawai's rich dynamic range:

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Status: New
Make: Shigeru Kawai
Model: SK-5L
Size: 6'7",  200 cm
Type: Chamber Grand Piano
Style: Classic
Finish: Polished Ebony
Price: Please Inquire
SK-5L Style / Finish available:

    • Chamber Grand Piano / Polished Ebony

Shigeru Kawai Pianos

Dream. Honor. Passion. Soul. The life of Shigeru Kawai

The technology that supports the sounds produced by the Shigeru Kawai are created by the craftsman who have dedicated their lives to building the world’s finest pianos. Every single step, each intricately detailed design, is performed without urgency—as our craftsmen draw upon their years of experience to achieve their relentless pursuit of perfection. It’s this good, old-fashioned care and great individual pride that enables our pianos to attract the greatest musicians from around the world.

In the Shigeru Kawai Research and Development Laboratory in Japan, our renowned Master Piano Artisans patiently craft one of the world’s finest musical instruments—the SK-5L Chamber Grand Piano. Combining our time-tested methods of origin with today's most sophisticated piano design tools each SK-5L Chamber Grand Piano is conceived as a “next step” in the evolving art of the piano. The scarcity of materials used and the painstaking attention devoted to each SK-5L Chamber Grand Piano make these instruments rare indeed. A limited number are crafted each year for all the world. But to truly understand the SK-5L is to play it. Only then, in its transcendent tone and incomparable touch, will you fully sense the passion, the devotion... the spirit of Kawai.
The Artisans... The Shigeru Kawai piano is perfected by an elite brand of artisan craftsman. Each of Shigeru Kawai's twenty Master Piano artisans is at the pinnacle of his profession. With remarkable skills proven in the worlds' finest concert halls and international piano competitions, each artisan brings a seasoned wealth of experience and passion to his craft. Upon completion of a finished work, the craftsman adds his name to the piano’s rich pedigree as a symbol of devotion and pride.
Skillfully Handcrafted… The Shigeru Kawai piano is born of the same advanced origins that distinguish every Shigeru Kawai creation. Yet, the skilled application of detailed handwork at every level of the crafting process – often as much as five times more than other pianos – set the Shigeru piano apart in a place all its own.
Japanese “Ezo” Spruce… The show-shrouded mountains of Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, are home to the rare Ezo Spruce. The extreme climate and lofty altitude of Hokkaido produce a wood that is prized for its close, even grain. Available in strictly limited quantities, Ezo Spruce provides exceptional energy transmission and tonal projection.
Kigarashi Premium-Aged Soundboards... In the language of wood, "kigarashi" means "finding balance through time and nature, “ In the kigarashi process, solid Ezo spruce soundboards are allowed to season naturally. The process is arduous and requires much patience. The result is a supremely rich tonal quality that is unsurpassed. Only soundboards that can endure the demanding kigarashi process are deemed worthy of the Shigeru piano.
The Most Precise Piano Action in the World… More than three decades of research and development have resulted in the most respected piano action available today. The “Millennium III Action” with ABS-Carbon™ stands alone in providing the finest combination of strength, stability, precision and reliability.
Exclusive “Shiko Seion” Hammers… “Shiko Seion” is translated “the highest level of voicing.” Shiko Seion hammers are made and voiced entirely by our Master Piano Artisans with a select blend of New Zealand and Australian long-fiber wool. They are hand-pressed, reinforced and formed without artificial hardeners to deliver unmatched dynamics and expression for the artist.
Temaki Bass Strings… “Temaki” literally means “hand-rolled.” In the unhurried Temaki process, the artisan patiently directs the winding of each bass string by hand for absolute precision and tension, which ensures exquisite tonal depth.
Concert Style, Dual-Pivot Damper Pedal… The Dual-Pivot design offers the player unparalleled control and responsiveness in proportional pedaling.
A Rare Treasure… Fewer than one percent of all Kawai instruments will ever bear the name Shigeru. The rigorous degree of handwork and use of specially chosen materials keeps these instruments rare in both character and quantity. Each Shigeru piano is a Limited Edition treasure, selectively numbered for North America by year of creation.
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