From Passion to Innovation.  The Goal to Build the Best Pianos in the World. Praised by Pianists Worldwide.
From Passion to Innovation. The Goal to Build the Best Pianos in the World. Praised by Pianists Worldwide.
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Kawai EX 9'0" Concert Grand Piano

Handcrafted Excellence... Limited Edition Kawai EX Concert Grand Piano.

Kawai's Most Advanced Concert Grand Piano the EX concert grand piano embodies the pursuit of Kawai's 'gold standard' of piano creation: a peerless instrument, fashioned from the very finest materials, and crafted by passionate artisans drawing upon generations of knowledge and experience.

Each Kawai EX Concert Piano is conceived as a next step in the evolving art of the piano. With its magnificent tone and wonderfully responsive touch, the EX can best be described with one word—incomparable.

Length: 9''0" (276cm)
Width: 63" (158cm)
Height: 40" (102cm)
Weight: 1103 lbs. (500kg)
Finishes: Polished Ebony

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Touch - The power of pianissimo
Tone - Tradition lays the foundation
Strength - Designed with tremendous strength
Character - Captivates when seen and heard.
Finish - Excellence and beauty
Specifications - Kawai EX Concert Grand Piano
Warranty - Ten year fully transferable warranty

Shigeru Kawai’s tradition of piano tone empowers it with life, breadth, and depth that lasts from generation to generation.

Listen to Shigeru Kawai's rich dynamic range:

The 9th Hamamatsu International Piano Competition

1st place prize winner Alexander Gadjiev selects
Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Full Concert Grand Piano

Availability: Please Inquire
Status: New
Make: Kawai
Model: EX
Size: 9'0",  276 cm
Type: Concert Grand Piano
Style: Concert
Finish: Polished Ebony
Price: Please Inquire
EX Styles/Finishes available:

    • Full Concert Grand Classic /Polished Ebony
In the Shigeru Kawai Research and Development Laboratory in Japan, our renowned Master Piano Artisans patiently craft one of the world’s finest musical instruments—the Kawai EX Concert Grand Piano. Combining our time-tested methods of origin with today's most sophisticated piano design tools each EX Concert Piano is conceived as a “next step” in the evolving art of the piano. The scarcity of materials used and the painstaking attention devoted to each EX Concert Piano make these instruments rare indeed. Fewer than twenty are crafted each year for all the world. But to truly understand the EX is to play it. Only then, in its transcendent tone and incomparable touch, will you fully sense the passion, the devotion... the spirit of Kawai.
The Artisans... The Kawai piano is perfected by an elite brand of artisan craftsman. Each of Kawai's Master Piano artisans is at the pinnacle of his profession. With remarkable skills proven in the worlds' finest concert halls and international piano competitions, each artisan brings a seasoned wealth of experience and passion to his craft. Upon completion of a finished work, the craftsman adds his name to the piano’s rich pedigree as a symbol of devotion and pride.
The Most Precise Piano Action in the World… More than three decades of research and development have resulted in the most respected piano action available today. The “Millennium III Action” with ABS-Carbon™ stands alone in providing the finest combination of strength, stability, precision and reliability.
A Rare Treasure… Fewer than one percent of all Kawai instruments will ever bear the name EX. The rigorous degree of handwork and use of specially chosen materials keeps these instruments rare in both character and quantity. Each Kawai EX piano is a Limited Edition treasure, selectively numbered for North America by year of creation.
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