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KAWAI The Variety of a Digital Piano: Convenience & Flexibility  
The impressive ES110 offers a variety of features to complement its authentic keyboard touch and rich grand piano sounds.  The built-in lesson function, with adjustable metronome and song recorder, is an invaluable tool for aspiring pianists, while additional instrument voices, Dual and Split playing modes, and 100 drum rhythms allow players of all levels to indulge their creative spirit.

Live players will appreciate dedicated Line Out jacks for sound reinforcement, while integrated Bluetooth® and standard MIDI ports ensure flexibility when connecting with smart devices, computers, and other instruments.

KAWAI Additional sounds & playing modes
Supplementing its realistic acoustic piano voices, the ES110 also offers a selection of additional instrument sounds, including electric pianos, organs, strings, acoustic and electric bass, and vibraphone.

The Dual and Split playing modes also allow two different voices, such as an acoustic piano and a string ensemble, to be played together for a more complex sound that inspires even greater musical creativity.
KAWAI Alfred Inside!
The ES110 comes with the first year’s lesson songs from Alfred Publishing’s Basic Piano Course 1, Premier Course 1 and Adult Course 1 built in. We’ve also included the printed music and recordings for time-tested finger exercises such as scales, arpeggios and Hanon songs.

Kawai digital pianos are the only instruments with Alfred lesson songs built into them*. With the built-in lesson songs, a student can listen to the instructional song being played by an Alfred staff pianist. The student can follow along with the lesson book** to learn how the piece is supposed to sound. The student can slow the song down and play along, even muting the recorded left-hand or right-hand parts to practice hands separately (a common practice technique). The student can also record his or her performance and then compare it to the built-in performance.

Since 1922, Alfred Publishing has dedicated itself to helping people learn, teach and play music. More than 6.5 million pianists around the world have learned to play the piano with the help of Alfred's Basic Piano Course, making it the most trusted piano method books in the world. Now a new generation of pianists can learn using this proven method, but with a new practice partner – the Kawai digital piano.

** Alfred books are sold separately.

KAWAI Song Recorder
The ES110 digital piano allows up to 3 different songs to be recorded, stored in internal memory, and played back at the touch of a button, ideal for self-evaluation or capturing a moment of inspiration.


KAWAI Damper Pedal
While other portable digital pianos in its price range may provide a simple on/off switch pedal, the ES110 actually includes a high-quality damper pedal that allows progressive half-pedalling as standard.

This Kawai produced F-10H unit features a solid construction with non-slip rubber base, a realistically weighted full-length metal pedal, and utilises high resolution optical sensing for reliable and accurate velocity detection.
KAWAI Metronome
The ES110 offers a handy built-in digital metronome with a variety of time signatures and adjustable tempo… perfect for practice.
KAWAI Line Out jacks
The ES110 has 2 x 1/4" Stereo jacks,MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, Bluetooth MIDI.

Dedicated stereo Line Out jacks allow direct connection to mixers and PAs, with the ability to also leave the instrument’s built-in speakers enabled for use as local monitors.
KAWAI Integrated Bluetooth® connectivity
In addition to standard MIDI ports, the ES110 also boasts integrated Bluetooth MIDI, allowing the instrument to communicate with supported smart devices wirelessly. Once paired with a phone or tablet, ES110 owners can easily expand the piano’s functions using a wide range of music apps – without the need for any extra cables or adaptors.

* Availability of Bluetooth® function may vary depending on market area.
KAWAI Options: HML-1 designer stand* and F-350 triple pedal bar*
The optional designer stand attaches to the bottom of the ES110 to create an elegant look suitable for any décor. The separate optional pedal lyre assembly completes the look and adds three functioning pedals to the instrument.

HML-1 designer stand option

The HML-1 designer stand transforms the portable ES110 into ultra-compact, stylish piano replacement.

Crafted from wood, this sturdy platform is the ideal solution for ES110 owners seeking a modern, attractive alternative to uninviting keyboard stands.  The ES110 secures to the HML-1 stand using four manageable thumb screws, allowing the instrument to be easily decoupled and taken on the road.

F-350 triple pedal bar** option

The F-350 triple pedal bar** attaches to the HML-1 stand to deliver a fully-fledged grand piano playing experience in an ultra-compact package.

As with Kawai’s large console instruments, the F-350 triple pedal bar replicates the damper, soft, and sostenuto functionality of a Kawai EX Concert grand piano, further enhancing the ES110’s acoustic piano-like authenticity.

    * Available in matching Stylish Black or Elegant White finishes.

     ** HML-1 designer stand also required.
Keyboard Responsive Hammer Compact Action (RH-C), 88 weighted keys
Sound Source Harmonic Imaging™ (HI), 88-key piano sampling
Piano Sounds Concert Grand, Concert Grand 2, Studio Grand, Studio Grand 2, Mellow Grand, Mellow Grand 2, Modern Piano, Rock Piano
Other Sounds Classic E.Piano, 60’s E.Piano, Modern E.Piano, Jazz Organ, Church Organ, Slow Strings, String Ensemble, Wood Bass, Electric Bass, Harpsichord, Vibraphone
Polyphony max. 192 notes
Reverb Room, Small Hall, Concert Hall, Off
Sound Settings Damper Resonance, Voicing, Fall-back Noise, Damper Noise, Temperament, Temperament Key, Brilliance, Speaker EQ, Effect On/Off
Internal Recorder 3 song recorder – approximately 15,000 note memory capacity
Registration 4 memories
Dual Mode yes, with adjustable volume balance
Split Mode yes, with adjustable volume balance
Lesson Function Alfred’s Basic Piano 1A/1B, Burgmüller 25 (Opus 100) lesson songs
Metronome 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8 (Volume/Tempo adjustable), 100 drum rhythms
Demo Songs 12 songs
Other Functions Transpose, Tuning, Temperament, Touch Curve, Speakers On/Off, Startup Setting, Factory Reset, Auto Power Off
MIDI Functions Transmit MIDI Program Change, MIDI Channel, Local Control, Multi-timbral Mode
Bluetooth Bluetooth (Ver. 4.0; GATT compatible), Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI Specification compliant
Jacks Line Out (L/Mono, R), MIDI (IN/OUT), Damper (für F-10H Pedal), Headphones x 2
Speaker System 12 cm x 2
Output Power 7 W x 2
Power Consumption 9 W
Dimensions in cm 131,2 (B) x 28,6 (T) x 14,5 (H)
Weight in kg 12
Finish black or white
Included Accessories F-10H damper pedal (with half-pedal support), Music rest, AC power adapter PS-129
Optional Accessories HML-1 stand and F-350 triple pedals

The Responsive Hammer Compact
Digital Piano Action

KAWAI ES110 Series Responsive Hammer Compact (RHC) Piano Action
Kawai ES110 Uses the Responsive Hammer Compact Action

The new Responsive Hammer Compact (RHC) keyboard action has been developed to reproduce the distinctive touch of an acoustic grand piano. Its spring-less technology and sturdy construction delivers consistent upward and downward motion for a smooth, natural, and highly authentic piano playing experience. Designed along the principles of the RHIII action, the RHC action delivers superb touch in a more compact and lightweight package, making it ideal for instruments such as the ES110 portable digital piano.

Kawai Digital Piano Actions

Kawai Digital ES110 Features Authentic Keyboard Touch and
Rich Grand Piano Sounds, Built-In Lesson Function, KAWAI Song Recorder.
Overview          Touch          Sound          Features          Design          Specifications