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KAWAI The Design of an Acoustic Piano
The Kawai Digital CS11 standing proudly among other items of fine furniture, a piano is often considered the centerpiece of any room it occupies.  With elegant cabinetry, striking brass accents, and a luxurious high-polish finish, the exterior appearance of a piano contributes more to the overall aesthetic of playing and listening to music than arguably any other instrument.

This shared belief inspires Kawai’s digital and acoustic piano designers to work together, combining modern ideas with traditional philosophies to conceive truly stunning musical instruments.

KAWAI Classic, Timeless Design
The world of interior fashion and furniture design is constantly evolving – adapting to the diverse, global influences that enrich our lives.  Yet, the characteristics of acoustic piano cabinets have remained largely unchanged for decades.  They are dignified, timeless, classic.

The flagship CS11 plays tribute to this enduring design legacy, with its premium quality cabinet replicating Kawai’s popular K-2 compact upright piano.

Finished from top to bottom in a luxurious ebony polish and crowned with one of the most respected names in the piano industry, the CS11 is undoubtedly the perfect instrument for modern traditionalists: musicians who appreciate all the benefits of a digital piano with the very latest technological advances, yet still admire the understated character of a truly classic design.

KAWAI The Variety of a Digital Piano: Convenience & Flexibility with Concealed control panel 
 The CS11’s control panel and large LCD display are discreetly embedded within the instrument’s left cheek block, and elegantly concealed by a folding magnetic cover.

This helps to preserve the CS11’s acoustic piano-like appearance, and allows performers to enjoy the simple pleasure of playing music – without the visual distraction of flashing lights and rows of buttons.

Complementing the instrument’s class-leading Grand Feel II keyboard action and stunning Harmonic Imaging XL grand piano sound, the CS11 also offers a strong selection of digital features that further enhance one’s musical enjoyment.

USB audio recording and playback, Dual, Split, and Four Hands keyboard modes, and a rich assortment of customizable instrument voices add greater variety to players’ performances, while the convenient metronome function and integrated classical etudes and Alfred course books ensure that regular practice is both productive and engaging for aspiring pianists.
KAWAI Grand Feel Pedal System
Reinforcing the Classic Series’ reputation as the most realistic digital pianos is Kawai’s Grand Feel Pedal System. This unique feature replicates the individual weighting of the damper, soft, and sostenuto pedals of the SK-EX and EX concert grand pianos to further enhance the CS11’s acoustic-like authenticity.

Moreover, it is also possible to adjust the half-pedal sensitivity of the damper pedal, and effectiveness of the soft pedal using specially engineered Virtual Technician parameters, allowing pianists to personalize the instrument’s response to match their individual pedaling technique.
Kawai Digital CS11 Design Control Panel Large LCD Display Embedded in Left Cheek Block,
Combining Modern Ideas for a Truly Stunning Musical Instrument.
Overview          Touch          Sound          Features          Design          Specifications