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Kawai Digital CP1 Digital Grand Piano

There is no instrument like the Kawai CP1… with a wooden-key action, powerful sound system, over 1000 sounds and dozens of innovative features. All this, in a beautiful real 5’ 3” grand piano cabinet, make the CP1 one of a kind.

Main Features:
• Harmonic Imaging XL w/88-Key Piano Sampling
• GF Wooden-Key, Graded-Hammer Action w/Let-Off
• Ivory-touch Key Surfaces
• Large Color Touch Display
• USB Audio - Play/Rec WAV and MP3
• Music Player Input
• Over 1000 Sounds
• 425 Styles / 4 Variations / 4 Intros and Endings
• Piano Music - Over 7 Hours
• Song Stylist - 1000 Registrations
• 176 Concert Magic Songs
• 16-Track Recorder – Easy & Advanced Modes
• 200 Watts / 9 Speaker / 3-Channel Sound System


Keyboard - 88 Wooden Keys, Let-Off, Ivory Touch, Triple Sensor Key Detection
Action - Grand Feel (GF) Graded Hammer Action w/Counterbalancing
Sound Source - Harmonic Imaging™ XL (HI-XL), 88-Key Sampling
Internal Sounds - Over 1000 plus 20 User Sounds
Polyphony - 256 Notes
Keyboard Modes - Dual, Triple, Split, Four Hands (Volume Balance Adjustable)
Internal Recorder - Easy & Advanced - Up to 16 Tracks
USB - Digital Audio, USB to DEVICE, USB to HOST
Registrations - 160 (20 Groups x 8)
Display - Large Color Touch Display
Speaker System - 200W / 9 Speakers
Dimensions - 57" (W) x 63" (D) x 39" (H)
Weight - 430 lbs.


Reverb - Room, Lounge, Small Hall, Concert Hall, Live Hall, Cathedral
Effects - Stereo Delay, Ping Delay, Triple Delay, Chorus, Classic Chorus, Tremolo, Classic Tremolo, Auto Pan, Classic Auto Pan, Phaser, Rotary Combination Effects x 4, Amplified Effects x 3
Styles - 425 Styles (4 Variations per Style), 20 User Styles
Style Controls - Start/Stop, Intro/Ending (4 per Style), Fill-in (4 per Style), Fade Out, Sync Start, Tap Tempo
1 - 2 Play - 4 Settings per Style
Auto - Accomp. - Fingered, One Finger, Full Keyboard, Bass Inversion, Harmony (10 Types)
Song Stylist - Over 1000 Registrations (from 15 Hal Leonard Books*)

Virtual Technician
Touch Curve — Light +, Light, Normal, Heavy, Heavy +, Off (constant), User Touch Curve
Voicing — Normal, Mellow 1, Mellow 2, Dynamic, Bright 1, Bright 2
Resonance, Noise & Effects — Damper Resonance, Damper Noise, String Resonance, Key-Off Effect (including Key-Off Release), Fall-back Noise, Hammer Delay, Topboard Simulation, Decay Time, Soft Pedal Depth
Temperament & Tuning — Equal (Piano), Pure Major, Pure Minor, Pythagorean, Werckmeister, Kirnberger, Arabic 1-2, User, Key of Temperament
Other —Stretch Tuning, User Tuning, User Key Volume, Half-Pedal Adjust, Minimum Touch

Other Features - 4 Parts (RIGHT1/2/3, LEFT) 3-Part Layer plus Split (Selectable Split Point), Mixer, Master Volume, Accompaniment Volume, Transpose, Octave Shift, Tune, Portamento, MIDI (16 Part Multi-Timbral Capability), Lesson Function (723 Lesson Songs), WLAN connectivity

USB Functions - Playback— MP3 (Bit Rate: 8k-320 kbps, Sampling: 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz / 32 kHz), WAV(44.1 kHz,16 bit)
Record —MP3 (Bit Rate: 192 kbps, Sampling: 44.1 kHz), WAV(44.1 kHz,16 bit)
Other — Load Song, Load Registration All, Load Registration Single, Load Startup Setting, Save Internal Song, Save SMF Song, Save Registration All, Save Registration Single, Save Startup Setting, Re-name File, Delete File, Format USB, Convert Song to Audio, Overdub Audio

Metronome - Beat — 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, 12/8 + 100 Drum Rhythms

Internal Songs:
Demo Songs — 37 Songs
Piano Music — Over 7 Hours
Lesson Function — Finger Exercises + Alfred or Burgmüller, Czerny, Beyer, and Bach lessons
Concert Magic — 176 Songs (88 x 2)

Menu Settings
Tuning, System EQ, Concert Magic Sound, Pedal Assign, Fill-in Mode, RIGHT3 Settings, Video Out, Effect for Sound, Sound Select Mode, Style Select Mode, MIDI Menu (MIDI Settings, Transmit MIDI Data, Channel Receive On/Off, MIDI Accordion, MIDI Sound Settings), Power Up Settings, Registration Filter, Soft Reset. Software Version, Display Control
Pedals -  Sustain (with half-pedal support), Soft, Sostenuto, Grand Feel Pedal System
Mic Input -  1/4” Input with Volume Control
Jacks -  Headphones x 2, XLR L/R Out, Line In (L/Mono, R), Line In Level Adjust, Line Out (L/Mono, R), Fixed (L, R), GND Lift Switch, MIDI (In, Out, Thru), USB to Device, USB to Host, Video Out

*Books sold separately
Kawai Digital CP1 Specifications. Kawai CP1 Digital Grand with wooden-key action,
powerful sound system, over 1000 sounds and 5’ 3” grand piano cabinet.

Overview          Touch          Sound          Features          Design          Specifications